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Within each and every one of us are the answers to our every question. There is a voice, a still, small voice, that is there to comfort us, to guide us, and to ever instruct us on The Path of Being. This voice, if we can but quiet ourselves so we might listen, has valuable information to give us that will help us to learn and grow, Sometimes it's hard to hear those answers because of the oh so many things in this daily life that are clamoring for attention. Surely our best course is to sit in the silence of Meditation and await that impersonal, yet very personal answer that we so need. Yet if you would like some help, help that even though it seems to be coming from an outside source, will help cause the words to resound within you. Then you might find it helpful to ask

"The Teacher"

Whenever seeking advice, no matter who or what the source, always remember to use:

Spiritual Discernment

A Word to the Wise

Every day our life is filled with opportunity.

In this life there are so many things to learn. If you’re awake and aware you will learn them much quicker. You might even be able to employ the knowledge learned from these lessons in your daily life. Life is an experience, a classroom and something to be enjoyed. Don’t be to hard on yourself, learn to roll with the punches. Everyday a new door is opened for you . Step inside observe and learn. All that is acquired will be added unto you. Nothing is lost.

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