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Spiritual Understanding, Spiritual Discernment

At this very special time on Earth there are so many schools of thought as to which way we should turn, or which path we should follow. In order for us to make the proper decision we should learn to cultivate, and practice, that special gift that we've all been given called Spiritual Discernment. Spiritual Discernment is the God Given ability within us all to question and examine all of the information that comes our way, so as we can decide that which is best for us at that particular time. When we receive a teaching, or some spiritual information from any source, we need to apply Spiritual Discernment. Weather the source of that information comes from our own thoughts, the written word, or words that have been spoken, it is important to examine that information within. Ask yourself the validity of that which you have received. Learn to question it within. Examine your feelings when you first receive this information. Did what you receive bring forth a good positive feeling? Did you know in your heart that which you received was right? Were there doubts and questions? If so, then examine them! We all have within us the ability to extract that which is precious and necessary in our ever ongoing Spiritual Growth. Now the answers to all questions don't necessarily have to come from within us, (to say that would dismiss all other avenues and sources of vital information) but the ability to verify the information we receive is within us. It is a very special gift, this Spiritual Discernment, and it is our responsibility to use it.

May God Bless You and guide your every decision

"Uncle Bob"


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